Hints and Tips

Here are few hints and tips for living and cooking gluten-free that I’ve picked up along the way:

  • To avoid cross-contamination you MUST have a separate toaster and bread board for gluten-free bread.  You must also have separate butter/margarine tubs.  Ideally, unless your family is VERY trustworthy and can be relied on to use a spoon, you should have separate jam, marmalade etc.
  • Where possible use spreads and sauces that come in squeezy bottles eg ketchup, honey, syrup or mango chutney.
  • Cooking for a vegan?  Did you know that Stork margarine in tubs is suitable for vegetarians, however the hard block Stork margarine is suitable for vegans.  This is because the soft tub margarine has buttermilk as an ingredient whereas the hard margarine does not.
  • Recipe calls for Buttermilk?  If you need buttermilk for a recipe (eg scones or muffins) but don’t have any, you can easily make it by adding 1 tbs white wine vinegar to 150ml regular milk and leave to stand for a few minutes before using as required.

2 Responses to Hints and Tips

  1. Lucy Davies says:

    Thanks for the great tip re hard Stork margarine. When I’m baking for my vegan friend I usually use a soft soya margarine but sometimes a hard margarine would be much more suitable. You can get vegan ones but Stork is much more readily available.

    • admin says:

      I’m glad you found it useful! I did actually ring Stork to check and they said it was suitable for vegans.

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