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Courgette and Lemon Drizzle Cake

Faced with a growing pile of courgettes from my allotment, I was pleased to find this fantastic recipe on the BBC Good Food website.  Here’s a link to the original recipe Frosted courgette and lemon cake and below is my adapted version.   Of … Continue reading

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I’m back!

Well, it’s been six whole months since my last post – so much for posting once a week!  Quite a lot’s happened in those six months and whilst not stopping me from writing a blog (and here come the excuses), they really … Continue reading

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Eggy Chicken Escalopes

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for chicken that I’ve had for ages but never got around to trying out.  This morning, I took some chicken from the freezer to defrost for a casserole tonight, but then one by one, each family member announced they wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Biscuits

Here’s a quick recipe for some pretty looking and delicious tasting Valentine’s Day biscuits.  They are of course gluten-free! The biscuit recipe is a basic shortbread recipe taken originally from the book “Healthy Gluten-Free Eating” by Darina Allen which I’ve … Continue reading

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A weighty problem

I’ve always been lucky enough to be able to eat pretty much what I like without having to worry too much about putting on weight.  I’ve never been a fitness fanatic, but I’ve always done something like dancing, gardening, walking etc … Continue reading

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Are you missing Kellogg’s Squares?

Before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease I used to love Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares.  But of course, these, like all other Kellogg’s products are now strictly off-limits due to the high amount of barley malt flavouring in them. So imagine my … Continue reading

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War on Waste recipes

I can’t be the only one who is always ending up with food that’s just about to go out of date, or there’s only a bit left, maybe enough for one or two, but not the whole family?  Thought so.  … Continue reading

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Luscious Gluten-Free Apple Cake

This is definitely one of my favourite recipes.  It’s based on a recipe I found in delicious. magazine where it’s called Dorset Apple Cake. It converts really well to gluten-free and, as it’s so moist, I like to call it my Luscious … Continue reading

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May contain Wheat!

I was sorting through some files on my PC this morning and came across this photo and thought I really ought to share it, mainly for those who may be looking at my blog who haven’t experienced what it means to … Continue reading

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Craving for oats?

Many newly diagnosed coeliacs are advised to avoid oats as well as wheat, barley and rye.  This is not because oats contain gluten but because they often become contaminated during the growing or processing process.  This can be a temporary … Continue reading

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