FreeFrom Food Awards 2012

I am delighted to report that I have been asked to join the panel of judges on the 2012 FreeFrom Food Awards which is now in it’s fifth year.  The main purpose of the FreeFrom Food Awards is to promote, celebrate and encourage manufacturers of free from foods – thereby ensuring a greater choice and better quality for those who need to eat them!  I’m really looking forward to helping make a difference in the world of gluten free food in particular.

The judging will take place at a blind tasting event during February and the winners will be announced at a grand party in April.  See here for Alex Gazzola’s account of last year’s party:  Alex (  is a UK-based journalist and author whose latest book is called “Coeliac Disease: what you need to know.”  

I’m very much looking forward to meeting Michelle Berridale-Johnson, editor of the Foodsmatter website:, who is doing such a sterling job of rounding up and reporting on all things allergy and intolerance as well as organising the FreeFrom Food Awards.  I have really enjoyed her blog: which covers such topics as “Health hazards of mobile telephony”, “Gluten-free wines for the ultra sensitive” and “Becoming truly gluten free.”

Both Antony Worrall Thompson (award winning celebrity chef, author and TV presenter) and Phil Vickery (chef and author of “Seriously Good Gluten-free Cooking” and “Seriously Good Gluten-free Baking”) are supporters of the awards.  Who knows maybe they will be at the awards party and I might even get to meet them!

Entries are now closed for the awards but I’m sure they already have a long list of manufacturers, all keen to vie for the opportunity to be crowned “Winner of the Best Free-From Food 2012.”


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  1. Alex G says:

    Thanks for the mention, Debs – I’ll look forward to meeting you at the judging! And yes, I’m sure Antony will be there!


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