I’m back!

Well, it’s been six whole months since my last post – so much for posting once a week!  Quite a lot’s happened in those six months and whilst not stopping me from writing a blog (and here come the excuses), they really pushed it down my list of priorities.  The main thing is, I got a new job, and whilst I love it, it’s full time in London, requiring a daily commute which is exhausting. Also, I was allocated an allotment in March (really a surprise as I was only on the waiting list 7-8 months and expected it to take years) which takes up a LOT of your time if you do it properly (which of course I do try to).  And my ankle, whilst healing still gives me some grief and actually just sitting at my computer for long periods can be quite stressful.

So in short, I feel like I’ve been running (or hobbling) round a never-ending treadmill for the last six months, living day to day, working all week and collapsing at the weekends (after doing all the housework and tending my plot of course.)  I’ve thrown myself whole-heartedly into my new job, all thoughts of starting up my own business are out the window and I still weigh more than ever, despite taking up an ambitious exercise routine and eating more lettuce than I ever thought possible.  I’ve got myself elected onto a Coeliac UK volunteers committee, and now I’ve got onions, courgettes and green beans coming out of my ears and no room in my freezer!  More on these subjects later, for but now, I’m back, and I’ve been BAKING!  Who knew there were so many things you could cook with courgettes!  Delicious glut busting recipes (and yes I mean glut) to follow very shortly….

And one final thing, thanks to Marie, who gave me the push I really needed to get back on here again – cheers Marie, this is for you!

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  1. Sami says:

    Nice that you got back to your blog and best of luck with your new job, your allotment, and take care of your health. Happy cooking!!

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