Starting a business – is it for me?

I attended a very worthwhile course today entitled “Starting a business – is it for me?”  It was a half day, free to attend, course run by Business Link. This was another big step for me on the path towards setting up my own business.  We learnt about startup costs, tax, insurance, legal status (sole-trader v limited company),  intellectual property (business name, logo, trademark etc) and the wide variety of skills and strengths needs to run a business.  The attendees (about 10) were from diverse backgrounds and all had different ideas from tax advice to IT support and making jewellery.  However at least half of them all knew of someone who was coeliac!

Anyway, after the course I still feel I want to go ahead with setting up a gluten-free baking business and am really keen to get started. 

Next steps – costings, research and more research plus attend more free courses!

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  1. Good luck with your venture. You are right things do happen for a reason. I set up my own business after being pushed out of a job I loved. It was not my intention but after several interviews where basically I was told, indirectly, I was to old for the job and then several temping jobs I decided to set up my own freelance sales and marketing business. I was successful and never looked back.
    PS I don’t work now…but I would do the same again. Sounds like you have a niche market that should work if marketed properly.
    I love cooking so am interested to try some of the recipes you post and follow your progress as a supportive buddy 🙂

  2. lilacdebs says:

    Thanks very much for your lovely comments, I’d love to have you as a blog buddy. I wonder if you’ve read further on and seen my current predicament! I’m under a lot of pressure to “get a job” so, as soon as my ankle heals, I’ll be off to hopefully try temping for a while before getting a proper job. But in the meantime I’ve every intention of following my dream too. People have always said they love my baking and should sell the things I make. Now I have a reason and a niche – I just need to get through quite a few hoops first.

    I love the look of your blog, I’ve never been to Portugal. I’ll have to have a read over the next few days. Thanks again for the really quick reply and for offering to be my buddy 🙂

    • Hi Debs, no not read all of your blog properly as yet – it’s 11.50pm and was just off to bed. Saw your comment on WordPress and then this post so thought I better make a comment and subscribe before I forgot. 🙂 I will add you to my Buddy Blogroll. These are blogs I like and follow everyday. I think one of my other buddies has this CD as well. I will have a hunt round.
      Kind regards

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