So what’s my story?

So, 2010 was the year my life really changed. In April a fairly routine trip to the doctors reveals I have something called coeliac disease. In August a similar trip for my 17-year-old daughter ends in the same diagnosis and then in November, my mother also has a positive blood test too.  My mum now recalls that her mother (my nan) always was “a martyr to her stomach” but no-one ever knew why.  Guess we know now don’t we.  So looks like it really does run in families, well at least in the genes because we (four generations) all definitely share the same genes, whereas my brothers and sister have all tested negative and clearly all take after my dad.  Well that’s my opinion anyway.

And the other bombshell this year; being made redundant along with 100+ others in my area after more than 20 loyal years due to “restructuring.”

So what next?  Well I’ve been through a lot of shock, anger and denial this year, passed through acceptance and now well on the road to integration. I’ve learnt how to buy, cook and eat gluten-free.  I’ve re-written my CV from scratch (it was very old!), re-assessed what I want from life and started preparing a business plan – something I never thought I’d do.  They say things happen for a reason.  Maybe they do.  We’ll see.

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  1. Jo says:

    Hi Debs, looking like a good site, I may just swing by and pick up some recipes as although I am not coeliac I have played with being less gluten dependent as it bloats me a bit!

    Good luck for the future and keep in touch!
    Jo x

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